Landscape Design & Installation

Professional Design & Installations by the experts

A landscape designer will meet with you to develop a plan to help you realize your landscape and garden dreams. From a landscape makeover to a completely new design, let us give your home the curb appeal you have been looking for. Once your project is complete, we can implement a maintenance program to keep your landscape looking its best.

  • On-site consultation with a professional designer
  • Get install schedule within weeks
  • Over 45 Years of Experience
  • Colorful, Low-Maintenance Plants And Trees
  • Modern, Tropical, Xeriscape, Native, English Garden, Feng Shui, Japanese inspired. We can tailor a design to compliment your home’s style or your style of decor.
  • Fully Licensed And Insured

What are Hardscapes?

Hardscape is the practice of using stone, block, pavers, timbers or any other non-living materials to enhance and beautify landscape or outdoor living areas.

  • Fire Pits
  • Paver Walkways / paths.
  • Driveways / parking areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Use of stone / boulders

What can hardscapes do for your property?

  • Create functional/ usable space.
  • Protect against erosion.
  • Add beauty and flair that will increase property value.
  • Bring living areas outside.
  • Hide unsightly utilities, neighbors or problem landscape areas
  • Hardscaping is limitless, if you can dream it, we can build it!


Let Collier Cutters review your property and design an Amazing hardscape for you. The physical texture and color of pavers, travertine, and even marble could project a particular style or mood when coupled with the building and arrangement of landscape. Do not leave one of your most important projects to a company without artistic experience. Trust it in the hands of Collier Cutters Of SWFL. We are the landscapers that come to work excited to create beautiful hardscapes!

Drainage Services

  • Are you tired of looking at those ugly Gutter Downspouts? We can bury and extend them.
  • Do you have standing water making it hard to enjoy your yard and landscape?

When your yard does not drain properly, you are at risk of flooding, killing your grass, flowers, plants and trees, and basically having a mud pit for a yard. There are all types of landscape drainage systems that can be installed. It is imperative to find a drainage professional that can survey your yard and determine what drainage system will work best. Let our highly experienced specialist take a look and design a drainage plan that will fit your needs.

  • Gutter extensions
  • French drains
  • Collection boxes
  • Channel drains

Pool Deck Renovations

  • Does your pool deck look aged?
  • Are you still swimming in a 1980’s designed pool and pool deck?
  • Have you not changed or updated because you think it will be way toooooo much money?

Let Collier Cutters help you. With our knowledgeable and experienced design staff we can update your Pool and Pool deck with a new and fresh look. Using the latest technology, we will not only provide a more attractive and modern “pool scape”, but will also save you money, time and add value to your home. Here are a few things we offer:

  • Deck Surface Refinishing- Marble, Travertine, Pavers
  • Water line Tile replacement and repair
  • Water features – Custom water features, Fountains, Scupper Bowls, Spitters, Fire Bowls, Fire/Water Bowls and more.
  • Screen Enclosures


Collier Cutters of SWFL wants to bring your home and yard to life with state-of-the-art exterior lighting.

  • You can illuminate focal points of landscaping
  • Decorate the entrance with walkway lights
  • Add security to the perimeter, or cast a soft silhouette on the outline of your home or property.

Whatever the reasons, we have lots of great lighting options.

The technology of today’s exterior lighting is not what it was years ago. You can now look forward to dependable low voltage equipment to help save on energy costs. Consider upgrading to a versatile LED Solution. LED lights can create a maximum impact in your landscape with pure, warm white light, or 4K daylight hue. These innovative fixtures combine state of the art color rendering with cool operation, low energy consumption, and a long bulb life. LED lighting is engineered from the inside out, optimizing light output and beam spread. These high-grade optics ensure that each fixture delivers a solid punch of light exactly where it is wanted.

Collier Cutters of SWFL will design a layout of an outdoor lighting package that will provide the customer with a beautiful ambient experience.

  • Our trained staff can create the most inviting experiences
  • Stunning formal entrances or little-colored vignettes make for a wonderful environment
  • With extended warranties from most major manufacturers on lights and transformers, your investment will be made and installed to last

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